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The T-Rock Lunchbox

The T-Rock LunchBox has been recognized as a health-conscious school canteen in the Murrumbidgee Health Area. The canteen is the first central school in the region to meet the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy, which emphasizes the importance of making great choices when it comes to school food menus.

With a menu consisting of 94% everyday food and 6% occasional food, The T-RockLunchBox prioritises the provision of healthy and nutritious options to students. Moreover, the canteen sources fresh produce from the school farm, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients are used to prepare the delicious meals served to the students.

The T-Rock LunchBox is committed to promoting healthy eating habits among its student body and is constantly seeking volunteers who can spare a few hours to help in the canteen. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the preparation of the nutritious and appetizing meals being served to the students. And your child loves seeing you at school.

Volunteer’s times are 9:00am to 11:40am Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Please call the school on 02-6920-2132 if you are interested in volunteering